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Now reading: Art’s a playground, just like life — in conversation with Ju Schnee

October 19, 2023 People

Art’s a playground, just like life — in conversation with Ju Schnee

Make yourself at home at Ju Schnee’s place, where bright tones and warm textures reign, providing peace and quiet to her irrepressible creativity. The beige classics from — Nokk Bench, Folk Pouf and Tul Throw — are a natural fit for this cozy haven.

Ju is an interdisciplinary artist whose hobby horse is bringing oil paintings to life through new technologies. Her glossy futuristic sculptures also reflect the spiritual part of her life — as a trained yoga teacher, Ju decided to name her works after yoga asanas. We spoke with Ju about her predictions on the future art world, the joy of partnering up with big brands and, obviously, about her new Viennese apartment.

Photos: Laura Piñeiro Atienza

First things first, we must say we’re total fans of your art: it’s an extremely successful combination of creative freedom and meticulous craft. It also fits well into various commercial projects — just to mention the collaboration with USM Furniture or Porsche. What gives you the most satisfaction while working with brands?

The art world is sometimes a bit reserved, isolated, and can seem elite. That’s exactly why I’m happy I get to work on commercial projects because they reach a wider audience and make art more accessible. I appreciate it when I’m seen and represented as an artist, and when brands recognize it and take advantage of that. As long as I can be me and the collaboration bears my unique signature, I’m happy.

In your creative work, you have already worked with cutting-edge technologies, such as augmented reality and AI. Do you have any idea of the further opportunities that tech can bring to your art?

I’m almost of the opinion that the ideas are infinite with the help of AI in the future. For me, these new technologies are interesting and exciting, I’m not afraid of them, but I try much more to befriend them, embrace them. I love trying new things and think beyond my horizon and outside the box. AI serves me new images that I couldn’t have thought up in my head. In the end, we are still the creators of the works as we operate AI. So it is only as powerful as we make it.

The colorful, shiny vibe of your artworks kinda stands in opposition to the style of your interior — more relaxed, or even Scandi. Could you tell us more about the process of renovating and styling your Viennese apartment?

Since my work is very loud and colorful, I need it a bit quieter at home. I see my art every day in my studio, it makes me think and motivates me. But at home, I don’t want to be more stimulated, I want much more to make my mind at ease and find peace. The neutral colors and timeless furniture of give the loud art a lot of space and room to breathe.

What are the 3 things that make a good design?

Uniqueness, aesthetics, functionality.

Since my work is very loud and colorful, I need it a bit quieter at home

Ju Schnee, artist

Earlier this year, you moved from Berlin to Vienna. What was the biggest positive surprise about the new city?

Vienna is simply a beautiful city. The architecture is much more magnificent than in Berlin. There is less trash and dirt, but also less street art and urban culture. Both cities have their charm, but Vienna just feels more right to me. It’s cozier and smaller, but still has the character of a big city. You can experience something new every day, there is a lot of art and culture, but it is not quite as loud as Berlin.

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