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Klarna Payments - noo.maPayments

Klarna offers a number of payment options, including pay now (direct payments), pay later, and installments plans. Klarna provides a smooth one-click purchase experience for our customers, no matter how you decide to pay.

Pay now

A fast, safe and easy to use service for direct and automatic payments through direct debit, bank transfer and card.

Pay later

Delayed payments for anyone who like low friction purchase and to pay after delivery by invoice.

Slice it

Installment, revolving and other flexible financing plans lets you pay when you can and when they want.

Good to know

Klarna performs a soft search when you choose Pay later or Pay in Instalments. It is not a full credit check and it will not affect your credit rating, only you will see the search in your credit file. Please follow the payment instructions sent to your email by Klarna and keep up with your payments to avoid potential harm to your credit score.

How to shop using Klarna?

It’s easy, but remember to spend responsibly – sometimes splitting up payments might not always be the best option.


Choose anything you like from store, add it to your cart and go to checkout.


Choose from one of 3 Klarna payment methods available in checkout.


Process your payment in steps as requested by Klarna.

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