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Before your product safely arrives at your doorstep, it undergoes a series of extensive manufacturing operations.

We take great pride in producing everything locally in Poland, from throws to sideboards, while sourcing only high-quality materials from renowned European suppliers. This approach significantly reduces our carbon footprint. Leveraging both the rich traditions of Polish craftsmanship and fully automated machine parks with the highest precision, we always ensure top-notch manufacturing.

European supply chain, only local production, plastic free packaging

Key values

Local business support

At our core, we hold a deep appreciation for local businesses, fostering enduring and trusted partnerships. By opting for short-range supply chains, we not only make substantial progress in reducing our carbon footprint but also remarkably expedite lead-times, ensuring swift and efficient deliveries.

Quality first

We collaborate with numerous qualified manufacturers, each responsible for their specialized areas. All components of our products are sourced from reliable suppliers and delivered directly to our warehouse. Once received, they undergo rigorous quality tests to ensure utmost excellence.

Eco-friendly approach

Our commitment to sustainability is evident through the use of FSC-certified veneer, safeguarding forests and their inhabitants. Furthermore, we prioritize eco-friendly practices by employing water-based paints and shipping the majority of our products flat, completely free of plastic.

Where do we produce and source components?

Our exclusive European supply chain guarantees secure and punctual deliveries, meeting the high-quality standards set by EU regulations. For instance, our melamine is sourced from Austria, while the FSC-certified veneer comes from Central and Eastern Europe. With production based entirely in Poland, we ensure exceptional craftsmanship.

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