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about us

Hi, we’re

Our mission is to enhance the art of living through feel-good design. We strive to create versatile, minimal, and timeless furniture pieces that effortlessly blend into any space.

We are committed to offering affordable, high-quality products made in Europe, utilizing honest materials with known origins. With a range of 150+ original designs, we aim to bring joy and comfort to thousands of happy customers all over Europe, while maintaining our dedication to transparency, sustainability, and environmentally conscious practices.

Vision envisions a world where vibrant colors and classic designs harmonize to inspire positive living. We see ourselves as a global leader in accessible, thoughtfully crafted furniture that complements various lifestyles.

Our vision is to continually innovate, adapting to changing needs and embracing smart solutions while staying true to our commitment to transparency and sustainable practices. By fostering a collaborative atmosphere within our in-house design team, we seek to pioneer new forms and materials that shape the future of furniture design.

Feel-good promise

We prioritize designs that not only uplift the spirit and contribute to a happier life (both aesthetically and functionally), but also to a happier planet.

Vibrant + timeless

Our creations find the perfect balance between contemporary flair and enduring elegance. We love mixing modern design with timeless elegance to create products that last.

Blending-in design

We create furniture that seamlessly integrates into diverse environments, offering endless possibilities.

Affordable for all

Our commitment to accessibility ensures that our products enrich lives without breaking the bank, fostering inclusivity by providing affordable quality.

Bold sustainability

We use quality European materials, reducing our carbon footprint. Our plastic-free, flat-shipped products, from throws to sideboards, are locally made in Poland.

Little history's story started back in 2017 when Damian was studying at the University of Arts, Architecture, and Urbanism Faculty. Unlike traditional grand designs, Damian wanted to create a collection of functional, utility objects – a fresh take on furniture. founders:
Cyprian Bieniarz and
Damian Goliński

Things got interesting during a New Year's Eve trip to London. There, Damian met Cyprian, who got hooked on the idea. Even though neither had furniture experience, they teamed up to make it real. No funds, no experience, no expert squad – they began from scratch.

First HQ? Damian's fourth-floor apartment, no elevator. Imagine hauling prototypes! But that's where the first collection of 40 products took shape. A groundbreaking photo session followed, catching media attention and starting our momentum.

Step by step, grew. A game-changing moment: a 2000 EUR order from Belgium. That showed we could sell. From there, we moved to a co-working space (ground floor, thank goodness), and then into our own first, small office with a tiny warehouse.

Team expansion and expertise-building came naturally.'s influence grew in both sales and operations. Today, we operate in two spots: a cool 450-square-meter office and a large 2500-square-meter advanced warehouse nearby. is now becoming one of the fastest-growing design brands in Europe.

In-house design studio

A group of detail-oriented, talented designers focused on minimalism, smart solutions, sustainability and material honesty. Constantly wondering „is that the best way to do this?” leads us to discovering not only new original forms, but also solutions that have never been used in furniture before.

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Access all our press materials, including product images, press releases, and company background information, below. Our aim is to facilitate easy access for journalists and media professionals covering our brand. For inquiries, contact us at

Numbers don’t lie

+50 000 happy customers

4.8 review score

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