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Now reading: Farewell, Summer! Visiting Juliette Mainx's holiday home

September 15, 2022 People

Farewell, Summer! Visiting Juliette Mainx's holiday home

Bye-bye, Summertime! The time of heatwaves and iced drinks is inevitably coming to an end. To pay our tribute to the passing season, we want to invite you to the sunny island of Mallorca, where Juliette Mainx created a dreamlike getaway destination. This Berlin based joyful photographer and creative soul decided to renovate an old Mallorcan finca and turn it into her private retro-chic sanctuary, with a considerable blend of contemporary design.

Get to know Juliette with this quick Q&A, read about her maximalist inclinations and creative boosts, and take a peek at the atmospheric photos of her interior, filled with's pieces.

A short introduction of yourself...

I’m Juliette, I would say I’m a good host at home and besides that I am an advertising photographer living between Mallorca and Berlin.

Biggest pros of working in the creative sector?

It’s always challenging because you work on completely new projects with new teams. But it’s the good side of it. It never gets boring, and you always meet new people to get creative with.

How would you describe your style?

Maximalist. With a love for colors but also for traditional materials.

Your foolproof inspiration source is...

Sad music! (laughs) And empty rooms so I can fill them.

I'm a maximalist. With a love for colors but also for traditional materials.

Juliette Mainx, photographer

What do you have in mind when decorating places around you?

I think the people I’m doing it for. I want the interiors to be cozy and filled with good energy.

Your favorite color combination?

Light pink and green!

Tell us a bit about your holiday home.

I grew up in Mallorca and went to Berlin when I was 18 years old. I did not expect or want to come back but then suddenly I was offered this finca. It’s such a special place and it’s next to my father's house. It’s a place where I go to calm down. In terms of furniture almost everything there is thrifted!

Reasons to love Mallorca?

The mountains and the sea. It has a lot to offer. And the Mallorquins are the best. And food is the best.

Your most beloved design piece in the finca is…

My Pipistrello Lamp!

The greatest summertime fun is…

Starting the day without knowing what to do and without having any plans at all.

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