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Now reading: Hearth and home - visiting Marina Marinski

April 26, 2024 People

Hearth and home - visiting Marina Marinski

We’re thrilled to invite you to the home of Marina Marinski whose world revolves around colors, earthenware, and the warmth of family life. Marina is the creative force behind Marinski Heartmades, a studio celebrated for its exquisite craftsmanship and showcased to a global audience through her beautifully curated Instagram profile. Read our captivating conversation with Marina and discover the seamless integration of furniture and accessories amidst design treasures and charming décor in her inspiring space.

What does a ceramicist’s day look like?

My day usually starts around 8 a.m. with a cup of really good Italian coffee, when my mind is fresh and rested. The morning is reserved for emails, paperwork, and production organization. Our small team consists of 5 people, plus we outsource some of casting services externally.

As a studio owner, my business is dynamic. No two days are the same; everything goes in phases. From communicating with customers to creating and preparing photographs, planning new products, and testing prototypes. Mold making and implementing new technologies are also part of the routine. In addition, it is essential to ensure the seamless and uninterrupted production of our core product line. This is made possible thanks to the hard work of my small, dedicated team. I work by 3 p.m., with a lunch and a short yoga break in between.

There is a strong rejection of monochrome both in your home and on the shelves. We wonder what is your take on color — what does it bring to our lives?

I don’t believe in a black and white world. Monochrome is something I neither live nor feel. The colors I use every day reflect my personality and inner emotions. I work as I feel. Colors are my core energy. My home and my creations are intertwined with the same visual language. They share a palette that is widely recognizable. These predominantly pastel tones and their intriguing combinations and contrasts define both my living space and my artwork. I am currently obsessed with greens & blues, oranges & pinks.

I don’t believe in a black and white world. Monochrome is something I neither live nor feel.

– Marina Marinski, ceramicist

If you had to name your three strongest sources of inspiration, what would they be? 

My strongest sources of inspiration are nature, cherished childhood memories infused with nostalgia, and my children.

From the moment you cross your doorstep, your home exudes this compelling and inviting vibe. We believe it’s the result of a thoughtful selection of design gems. Could you tell us a little about your design principles and fave pieces of furniture that you own?

I wanted to create a home tailored to our needs. It’s in a constant state of transition, adapting to our evolving demands and requirements. With two young children, ample storage space and easy cleanup are paramount, which is why we have several storage units throughout the apartment. Pastels dominate both my work and my home. I love to play with colors and shapes, often changing the decor.’s products are perfect for this. Not only are they of high quality, but they are also interesting, well designed, functional, and come in beautiful colors. 

Our favorites include the Ü pouf, Fala bookends which complement the books we have all around. For a cozy evening, there’s the Tul throw and the Dvu cushions, which enhance our pink sofa. 

As a big fan of DIY projects, I often change and repaint pieces of furniture. I transformed our boring white kitchen into a pastel pink haven. Although the furniture in our home has simple, clean, modern lines, I enjoy incorporating vintage pieces that have a soul from another era and add to the eclectic nature of the space. I love beautiful chairs and play with them a lot. I collect them from all over. I love them old, new, well, all of them. The most recent addition to our dining table is the Mosquito chair in Vermillion Red. It was designed in 1953 by the renowned Slovenian designer Niko Kralj.

Your profile emphasizes living with color and involving your children in creative pursuits. Do you think that artistic education should play an important role in the upbringing of the youngest?

I’m happy that I can offer my children a creative play environment, which is actually simple and easy because it’s part of us and our everyday life. It’s readily available to us, and we all know that creative play stimulates brain development. Some might think that my kids are drawing, painting, doing creative stuff every day, but real life isn’t always like that. Our main goal is to show them by example that we love what we do. We want to show them that dreams are achievable and that we can all live our visions. We want to involve them in what we do, from gardening to picking wild plants and making ceramics – so they can see the real processes and real life through which they’ll learn and grow. They’re lucky, though, to live a life where color matters.

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