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Now reading: In daylight - visiting Atelier Oost in Amsterdam

April 07, 2023 Places

In daylight - visiting Atelier Oost in Amsterdam

With easy access to the natural daylight, The Loft photo studio by Atelier Oost Amsterdam provides a perfect space for ethereal fashion photoshoots, minimalistic settings for interior photography or a cozy nook for producing lifestyle content. Recently, had a huge pleasure to complement the splendid loft space with its furniture and accessories.

Take a peek and see how Rull Bench, Tuga ceramics and Tul Throw enhance the neutral beige vibe, or just the opposite, add a pop of electric blue color to visually beautify the interior.

When it comes to using the vast array of objects available in each room, the clients, who rent the photo studio, have total creative freedom. We love to add more options to the space and give our clients unlimited possibilities to move items around. They can use  pieces in their styling in shots - or leave them out. All to create never-seen-before shots – says Roos Oosterbroek, the founder and creative director of the studios.

Some of our clients dare to add more color, while others prefer monochromatic aesthetics. We love both. And we love that’s pieces go great together with our other stunning items, tells Roos.

We breathe minimalism and simplicity. We are always looking for pieces that make a statement, for pieces you do not find in your home. And we provide items that work great in pictures for all our clients. We provide the right base; they add the details.

Available in Atelier Oost:

Rull Bench Sale price £346.00 Regular price £495.00
Tuga Vase Sale price £84.00 Regular price £99.00
Tuga Bowl Sale price £84.00 Regular price £99.00
Tul Throw Sale price £75.00 Regular price £89.00

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