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October 26, 2022 News

Our 5 sustainable design practices

We strongly believe that sustainability makes the world go round. Let’s face it: knowledge on how to act without compromising on our ecosystem should be the main focus for everyone who brings new objects into the world. The sooner we introduce the new way of thinking in all areas of life, the quicker we understand that responsible living is our best way — and that it pays off.

Through the joint effort of’s team members, we have developed guidelines to bear in mind at every stage of creating each new product. These principles, which we’re wholeheartedly proud of, are all about solution-led, quality-oriented, trendless, space-saving and circular approach.

1. Curiosity for new solutions

It all starts with the very first thought that comes to the designer’s mind. The main idea behind every new piece can be summarized in a simple question: is it really necessary? In the very first stages of conceptual work, even before making the first draft, our designers focus on new solutions, functionalities, more efficient production technologies and best ways of material sourcing. In the world filled with copies and copies of copies, our efforts concentrate on creating something new instead of designing for the sake of designing.

2. Lasting

The quality of our products is essential to us because our aim is to construct timeless pieces that are made to last. That’s why we create high-quality designs that will serve you for many years, even under heavy use. Thanks to the durable and robust materials such as steel and wood, we offer you products made to be passed on from generation to generation.

The quality of our products is essential to us because our aim is to construct timeless pieces that are made to last.

3. Timelessness

We’re strongly against fast decor and furnishings being replaced every season. That’s why our pieces cleverly oscillate between being trendless and striking, meaning they stand out from the crowd thanks to their unique design and without losing their versatility and ability to blend in.

4. Reducing space & distance

The way our warehouse operates is all about saving space and cutting the distance. We maintain only local production chain which reduces our carbon footprint and allows us to work closely with manufacturers at every stage of production.

The flat-packing of the bigger furniture saves the shipping and storage space. Mod TV Stand for example is being delivered in easy to carry packages which saves enormous shipping room: 380 flat-packed products vs. 126 fully-assembled.

Speaking of the warehouse, ours was awarded with BREEAM — an important certification granted to buildings constructed sustainably and with respect for environment.

5. Repair, reuse, repurpose, recycle

We believe that's customers care about the world just as much as we do. That’s why we support and make possible the actions that extend our products’ life cycle. They’re easy to summarize in four points:

Repair – each and every component can be repaired at any time, with no need to replace the whole product.

Reuse – to prolong furniture’s lifespan, we encourage our customers to pass on or sell their pieces to the next user when they no longer need them.

Repurpose – we work on several modular projects with easily changing setups that allow all-purpose application and different furniture functionality.

Recycle – most of the components and materials that our furniture is made of can be reclaimed. For our packaging we use cardboard boxes and recycled stretch foil, radically minimizing the use of plastic.

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