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Now reading: How to style a perfectly cozy bedroom?

June 08, 2021 How-to's

How to style a perfectly cozy bedroom?

Who doesn’t love a good night’s sleep? Doubtlessly, everyone does. Allowing your body to relax after a long, tiring day is certainly one of the biggest pleasures in life. Regeneration is not only enjoyable, it also matters in terms of our efficiency: the way we sleep at night influences our frame of mind during the day. That’s why when arranging a bedroom, you should rely on a single basic rule – make it cozy, so that it will let you forget about all the world’s inconveniences.

Bedroom’s soothing look can show in every element of its décor, from a well-fitted mattress to different shapes and hues. When planning your nest, think about what gives you the biggest sense of coziness and safety. Then go for it, no matter if it's a king-size bed with a nice window view, a discreet source of light or a sweet, fluffy rug.

It’s bedtime!

Every bedroom starts with „bed”. As an essential, centrally-placed object, the bed immediately captures all attention. What’s more, all the other bedroom pieces have to remain in a certain relation to it. This is why figuring out the style that suits you is so essential right from the start!

The high quality oak and walnut veneers of Streiko Bed’s frame will clearly please every nature-inspired style aficionado, whereas Eton Bed (with or without a canopy) is a must-have for all lovers of minimal style bedroom. Like to spend long evenings in a cocoon made of blankets, reading a book? An upholstered headboard will be great for you – our headboards match our bed frames and are available in warm colours: Iced Coffee Brown and Sand Beige.

Dream green

Are you a proud plant mommy or daddy? Do you find peace when surrounded by dozens of ficuses and monsteras? Yeah, we do, too. But did you know that by placing some plants in your bedroom, you can improve your sleep? Some species, such as aloe vera or snake plant, emit oxygen at night, purifying the air in the room. Essential oils sourced from lavender flowers have been known for centuries for their miraculous properties, such as lowering the heart rate and stress levels. Placing a bunch of lavender next to your bed will result in better, calmer sleep.

But every house plant needs a plant pot. So how about making it stylish like Owal? Or playful like a set of Maki plant pots on their skinny legs? It’s all up to you!

Turn the lights off

A well-chosen bedside table is a thing of no lesser importance when it comes to furnishing your bedroom. It gives you space for all the things you need before you fall asleep and just after you wake up: an alarm clock, a nightlight, and, of course, a smartphone.

Sometimes the best idea is to combine a bed with a table into a matching set. Tu Bedside Table perfectly compliments the designs of both Eton and Streiko. Bedside tables are also a way to let you bring your individual taste to your bedroom. Think of our Oly Stool with its unorthodox, rounded form as of a bedroom game changer, both visually softening and eye-catching.

Oly Stool with its unorthodox, rounded form, can be a true bedroom game changer, both visually softening and eye-catching.

Go offbeat

Anyway, why not to take it a step further? Place a bedside table on one side of your bed and the pouf on the other! Give your bedroom a new, fresh look. What’s more, this configuration reveals the amazing versatility of a pouf: it can play several roles in bedrooms, such as an additional sitting or a place where you can leave your clothes after a long journey, just before jumping into your bed. Sit on Folk pouf to put your socks on and start your day well-rested!

Only you and a good night's sleep. Allow yourself to relax. Shop all bedroom products

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